10 Budget-Friendly DIY Vanity Mirror Ideas

Some well-arranged DIY vanity mirror ideas would be something you need if you face the chaos of finding the right shades of makeup you needed. I guess a vanity table is a must for women. They need a lot of small storage to arrange their makeup and accessories. For a vanity, a mirror would always be near the table.

In this page, the ideas are focusing on vanity mirror that can be created in a DIY project. People love the DIY stuff because it’s fun to do and friends to their budget.

The key to having a proper vanity set is getting the right design of a table and a mirror. Both of them are connected to each other. The designs should be created for both of them. You may gonna need some inspirations for designing your own vanity mirror to match your personal style. Take a look at these lovely DIY vanity mirror ideas.

1. Chic DIY Vanity Mirror Ideas

Chic DIY Vanity Mirror Ideas


Apparently, this vanity set has a lot of drawers available as storage. I believe this would be very useful for women’s stuff. You know, there are so many kinds of stuff that a woman need for her beauty look.

The main mirror is not too big. It’s enough to cover the whole size you need for makeup. There are size built-in lighting to support the bright look of the face. Having some special sort of lightings are quite important for a vanity set.

2. Small DIY Vanity Set from A Suitcase

Small DIY Vanity Set from A Suitcase


If you don’t need a lot of drawers to keep inside your vanity table, you can choose this spacious kind of furniture. It’s a makeup vanity which is made of a repurposed suitcase. This DIY makeup vanity would be very easy to build if you have one old big suitcase at home.

The small mirror and light bulbs are attached to the suitcase. The space inside the suitcase is used to be a storage for makeup. In order to use this in your small bedroom, you need to have a table to support.

3. Simple Makeup Vanity with Lights

Simple Makeup Vanity with Lights


Having a makeup vanity in a bedroom is a must for women, especially if they do makeup every day. Applying makeup for women is applying their soul and confidence. I believe some women can’t live without makeup. So, designing a comfortable vanity mirror and table is very important for them.

As you can see, this vanity design has all the women needs even though the design is simple and minimalist. A lot of bulbs, wide mirror, spacious impact, and everything are just what they need. Adding pinky flowers could be a nice touch to express the feminine atmosphere.

4. Mosaic Tile DIY Vanity Mirror

Mosaic Tile DIY Vanity Mirror


Another unique choice of vanity mirror idea, this thoughtful concept of the mirror is perfect for a vanity set inside a bathroom. The stained glass tiles are well arranged around the frame. There will be no ordinary mirror in your bathroom anymore, this would decide the charm you would have in the room

Just stick the blocks of stained glass around the mirror to create an amazing mosaic frame. Sticking it with suitable glue should be done carefully. Avoid getting flaws in order to make a clean and clear look of the mirror.

5. Nautical Rope Mirror for Vanity

Nautical Rope Mirror for Vanity


This DIY piece of the element is designed especially for the rustic and nautical design of a house. From the appearance, you would feel that this mirror design is far away from feminine, it’s a more manly style of the vanity mirror. Some group of women actually like the nautical concept, but it’s quite hard to find.

Here’s what you’re gonna get from this unique mirror:

  • Old-school look.
  • Rustic feel.
  • Unique visuals.
  • Interesting focal point.
  • Impressive decoration.

6. Vanity Mirror Full of Accessories

Vanity Mirror Full of Accessories


Instead of installing an ordinary framed mirror for your vanity, why don’t we create it more pretty with a lot of accessories collection that we have. As you can see, it seems like all of the pretty accessories are glued to the frame of this DIY vanity mirror. It’s definitely changed the look of your vanity set drastically.

7. Bathroom Vanity Mirror with LED Lights

Bathroom Vanity Mirror with LED Lights


This is a great option for your bathroom vanity. That squared mirror is completed with LED lights all around the edge. This frameless mirror has got LED lights to get it framed visually. The LED lights are installed at the back of the mirror which creates a dramatic effect to the background. It looks super cool when you dimmed the bathroom main light.

This contemporary mirror concept works great with simple bathroom vanity table in standard size. The designer recommends getting the wall plain white to emphasize the charm of the mirror.

8. Minimalist Circle Vanity Mirror

Minimalist Circle Vanity Mirror


Most people would big and wide mirror for vanity to get a super clean look of the reflection. But, it’s not impossible to have a small version of vanity mirror to just accommodate the needs.

This minimalist circle vanity mirror would become a fantastic choice you can put on your vanity table in the bedroom. What’s so good about minimalist design, it’s flexible, friendly to the small room, and less budget needed.

9. Makeup Artists Vanity Mirror with Light Bulbs

Makeup Artists Vanity Mirror with Light Bulbs


Light bulbs are very important for the vanity mirror. Makeup artists always use a mirror with light bulbs on the frame. It would be very helpful for you who do makeup by yourself a lot of times. Light bulbs would give a perfect brightness to your face when you do makeup. It can work perfectly in a dark or dimmed room.

10. Artistic Colorful Vanity Mirror

Artistic Colorful Vanity Mirror


Looking for a budget-friendly vanity mirror? This might be the one for you. It’s simply artistic. I guess that would be the right sentence to describe this piece of art. It’s actually made of the used element.

The colorful rounded frame is what makes this mirror so outstanding. It could be an interesting addition to your vanity table inside your bathroom for a chic colorful look.

As said before, A DIY stuff is the most favorite thing for homeowners. It would ignite the creativity that they have. Those 10 DIY vanity mirror ideas are inspirational for you to make your vanity set more interesting.

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