Kitchen Remodel Before and After Wall Removal: Special Tips, Tricks, and How to Do It

Spending your morning in a cramped room for cooking and preparing the meal may make you realize the need for having a more open floor kitchen’s plan.

It is for not only getting extra space, kitchen remodel before and after wall removal will offer better flow. Who can resist that benefit?

Kitchen Remodel Before and After

Before executing your ideas, bear in mind on steps by steps how to remove the kitchen’s wall and few tips and tricks to ease your work.

1. Thoroughly Calculate the Construction of Your Building

Thoroughly Calculate the Construction of Your Building

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Be careful in calculating the structural construction because it decides the size of bean span, roof load, and laminated veneer lumber (LVL) beam.

By knowing the exact size, you will efficiently spend materials without too much waste. Besides, you will have a better prediction on the cost.

Therefore, you can adjust the cost with your budget; either you have to compromise the quality of material, find a cheaper supplier, or other things.

Understanding of construction encompasses you have to know the function of that wall, is it only for separating two rooms or is it a load-bearing wall?

If it is a load-bearing wall, you need a new plan to replace the construction element.

2. Temporary Wall to Support the House’s Construction

Temporary Wall to Support the House’s Construction

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Build up a temporal supported wall to espouse the roof and entire construction is important to ensure your plan does not ruin the durability of your home.

You should do this step right before removing the remaining part of the existed wall on the edges of the load-bearing wall.

Efface electrical stuff and replace or end the wiring after you have removed the drywall from the rest of the roof and wall.

Better to build two temporal walls to ease and make sure the safety of removing the load-bearing wall. Locate the beam above the roof. It is seen that underneath the ceiling, there is an exposed beam.

Even though it is relatively an easy step, but it still makes an obstacle that does not produce open span. The temporal walls are applied on one side and you will have spare space to work to expunge the wall.

3. For Both Ends, Build Up the Beam to Shore up the Structure

Offer suffices space to apply the LVL beam. Compared to the size of the existing wall, you need to install larger LVL beam.

It is essential because you have to cut the excessive joints of the ceiling to accommodate the beam. When the space is opened, you can uplift the beam to the loft.

The joist hangers are needed to be installed into the existing roof and the beam. Do it when you also build some of the bolsters to keep the LVL beam will stay in place.

The beam and roof must in a parallel position. To ensure, you can use a level to measure the position between hangers and beam to avoid any problem.

The final yet important step is removing the temporal wall. Now, voila, your kitchen remodel before and after wall removal is done! It is not that hard, isn’t it?

Means, it is highly possible for you to apply these steps as part of home renovation.

After knowing how to execute and tips to make it efficient, all of them will be useless without carefully planning on the design, furniture, and entire flow of your new kitchen.

Do you have any idea if sometimes; a big room also requires as much attention as the small one?

The biggest reason why people want an open kitchen is that they want to set it up into a casual room to gather best friends and family while you show your cooking skills.

If it is same as you, then you have to think about the furniture where your guests will seat and enjoy the food.

For Both Ends, Build Up the Beam to Shore Up the Structure

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Creating a minibar along with a set of a couch with a coffee table can be the best option to make the conversation feels warm without disturbing the cook. It enhances the perception of inviting and comfortable place to hang out.

The spacious room needs to consider the lighting as well as the cramped one. If it is possible, make a big window as a part of your renovation planning. However, you can implement proper lamps and pendant light to replace it.

Using two kinds of light, the white bright lamp combined with dim light can be used for you who want to adjust the lighting with the occasion.

If you want to focus on your cooking, bright light will be safer. Use the dim light every time you need privacy and intimate ambiance with your partner.

In term of color, you can explore it as much as you can. Use colorful stools, chair’s bar, the couch, with simple monochrome table and shelves are perfect. Nevertheless, you still can personalize it based on your preference.


Concisely, doing a kitchen remodel before and after wall removal needs detailed plans. Once you nailed it, be ready to rock everyone who sees it!

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