Some Great Minimalist Interior Design Tips for All Type of Houses

Here is a wise thought. Less is more. This concept applies in modern architecture, which focuses on simplicity and coziness. Before applying this concept, you must find minimalist interior design tips first, though.

It is not true that minimalism is lifeless or boring. On the other hand, it gives grace and balance to the house. Some elements to apply are bold lines, smoothness, and rhythmic geometric shapes.

Great Minimalist Interior Design Tips

The good news is you can find many ideas and tips to get the best result of home renovation or decoration. Here are some of them!

1.  Neutral is the Basic

Neutral is the Basic

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When applying a minimalistic design, you can start with color. It must include base color, to be exact. The purpose is to create a neutral and calm ambiance to the rooms.

Many experts recommend subdued hues, including greige and biscuit colors. These choices give a fresh and clean appearance, even though you might think these colors are boring or bland.

The simplest hue for a minimalist house is white. It seems easy to paint a total white for your house, doesn’t it? However, each bleached-out paint is different or created unequally.

The white paint can match well with others, including yellow undertones. This one gives a creamier and warmer look! For a crisper appearance, you can choose blue undertones instead.

Aside from playing with paints or colors, you can think about natural lights. A minimalist house features many natural illuminations, so the rooms would feel and look warmer.

Neutral is the core of a minimalist interior design concept. Despite the fact, you do not always have to choose white paint for the house. Other colors are recommended, as long as they are easy on the eyes.

Some good alternatives are greens, blues, earth-tone browns, tans, and many others!

2. Combining Different Textures

Combining Different Textures

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As stated earlier, many people would think a minimalist interior design looks bland or boring. To overcome this negative statement, you can combine different textures. This is quite a foolproof trick!

For instance, you can use beaded pillows, velvet décor, knitted throws, and animal skin rugs to increase the temperature in the rooms. This comfort factor is suitable for everyone.

Playing with different textures is quite tricky. You must avoid mixing too many colors and textures. Otherwise, it may result in confusion and headache. The atmosphere also becomes suffocating!

To combine textures, you must pay attention to the base. For example, a white base is suitable with tan tones, gray, and beige colors. The prime core is to choose colors that blend.

3. Clutter-free Interior

Clutter-free Interior

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Minimalist interior design should be clutter-free. Thus, you need to look around the rooms. What do you find? Piles of paper, shoes, keys, empty glasses, and other objects often make the rooms ugly.

Many spots and spaces in the house often become a clutter magnet. This makes the room crowded and cramped, which does not represent minimalism. Thus, you should remove those objects first.

Clearing all clutters gives a more spacious and neater atmosphere to the rooms. The key is a good organization. For example, you can organize those items based on priority.

In some cases, a minimalist interior represents modern design. It is both simple and functional. Whenever you conduct a home renovation, you only need to simplify the room and remove all clutters.

A common mistake is to have too many decorations or accessories. These objects are a beauty maker, but their number must be limited. You cannot sacrifice a comfortable ambiance for an appearance, after all.

The next idea is to get rid of all the broken items. Damaged objects at home may pile up and create clutters. As an alternative, you can donate those objects to those who need them.

The rule applies to unnecessary furniture. If you do not use those anymore, you must get rid of them! Otherwise, they may cause a bulky sensation to the rooms.

4. Quality Comes First

Quality Comes First

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Just because you want a minimalist interior design, does not mean you would sacrifice quality. In this case, the price of furniture and decorations determines the durability and quality of your house interior.

A crucial mistake is to buy trendy furniture or interior decorations impulsively. Those products would tire you soon! Not to mention they often do not work with minimalism.

Instead, you must focus on high-quality products or well-made pieces. These items are meant for long-lasting usage! They can also withstand everyday use and have a better appearance.


The minimalist interior design has been used the society regardless of the era. The first trend occurs in the 1950s! It was born in New York and spread all over the globe. The concept works well with modernism, too.

In common, painting everything white is a simple idea to get a minimalist appearance. Another easy idea is to knock down several on-supporting walls. The aim is to create a clutter-free and more spacious interior.

Aside from those simple ideas, you can take advantage of some minimalist interior design tips above. This way, you do not need to hire an expert for recommendations.

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