The Waterproof Laminated Flooring That Can Turn Your House into a Luxurious House

What do you consider when you choose the flooring concept in the first place? Is it the theme? Or the material? Make sure you think about the first one without forgetting the last one. The material is important so that you can feel comfortable inside your house. One of the preferable ones is the waterproof laminate flooring material.

The waterproof laminate flooring is a good alternative for you who want the everlasting flooring or have many children in the house. In case your children love to spoil many things, your floor won’t easily get dull. You also don’t have to think about big flooring renovation or those bothering mosses. That is why the waterproof laminated flooring is much more expensive than the regular flooring.

But, you must believe that this kind of flooring is worth it. It is a good long-term choice. Are you feeling confused about choosing the best waterproof laminated flooring ideas? Do you want some suggestions related to the waterproof laminated flooring ideas? We will give you some best examples of the waterproof laminated flooring ideas and also the right steps to maintain it well:

1. Laminated Dark Wood

Laminated Dark Wood

What do you consider when you choose the flooring concept in the first

No matter what kind of house you have and what theme that you choose for your rooms and wallpaper, the dark wood is always a good choice. It might be more expensive than the flooring made from regular ceramics, but it can make your room more lavish.

Not only about the appearance, the laminated and furnished dark wood is known as the strong material. It is not easy to be broken and you can spoil everything there and you can easily clean that. It is a good long-term choice for you.

The dark wood also has a cool surface. So, do you want your room to be more comfortable even though it is hot outside? Besides having the air conditioner, you can install the dark wood waterproof laminate flooring. And here are some steps to maintain your dark wood flooring:

  • Do not wear shoes there too often
  • Avoid using wax when you clean it
  • Better avoid the rolling chair or desk so that the surface won’t be scratched

It is not difficult to maintain the dark wood flooring. Even if something has scratched its surface, its looks are still good, thanks to its dark color. So, If you want a perfection in your flooring, choose the flooring type in the first place.

2. Marble Flooring Idea

Marble Flooring Idea

In order to make a lavish flooring, marble is the best material to pick. Marble can reflect the light and make the room shinier. Marble is also easy to clean and has the cold surface. That is why the house with the laminated marble flooring feels cooler and more comfortable.

That’s why many 5-stars hotels choose to use it as the flooring material. Compare to regular ceramic, marble is a quite durable material. That’s why if you want your floor to look clean, choose marble. But, here are the way to maintain the durability of the marble:

  • Never get used to dropping the heavy things on the marble flooring
  • Clean the floor regularly so it is always shiny and doesn’t easily get dull
  • Don’t let your children scratch the surface of marble flooring with the sharp things

The marble is one of the most durable flooring ideas that you can have. It is more expensive in the first place, but you don’t have to change it too fast due to the damage to its strength. Such a good choice for a long-term.

3. The Faux Wood Flooring

The Faux Wood Flooring

Another kind of waterproof laminated flooring is the faux wood flooring with the laminated surface. The faux wood flooring is an option if you want a flooring with the wood accent but at more affordable price. Not every faux wood is laminated and waterproof. Therefore, choose the faux wood flooring wisely before you buy. And pay attention to these things when you decide to buy the faux wood flooring:

  • Clean the faux wood regularly with the sweep.
  • Even though it is waterproof, but don’t forget to always swap every liquid dropped on its surface.

The faux wood is not as hard as the wood itself. However, the faux wood has a thick texture and stronger than vinyl. So, in case you are tight on budget but want a lavish and quite strong flooring, you can choose the faux-wood.

4. The Vinyl Flooring

The Vinyl Flooring

The Vinyl Flooring doesn’t always come in the wood pattern. It can come also with the classic pattern, retro pattern, mosaic, etc. Vinyl is not only light but also has a cool surface and also affordable. The vinyl is also waterproof so that you don’t have to be afraid when you spoil anything up there. But, don’t forget to always concern about its durability. Take these steps to make your vinyl more durable:

  • Do not scratch it. Make sure you don’t drop many sharp things there
  • Clean it regularly with the warm water. Avoid too hot water which can damage your vinyl.

5. Laminated Ceramic Flooring Idea

Laminated Ceramic Flooring Idea

Ceramic is also a good idea for a waterproof flooring. It is affordable, easy to find at any hardware stores, and also has many designs that you can choose. The laminated ceramic flooring idea is good to apply in the kitchen as you can see in the picture above. In the kitchen, you tend to spoil many liquids.

  • Choose the color of the waterproof ceramic flooring that suits your kitchen
  • After you have done with the flooring, you can continue to add more furniture, like the cabinet.

Those are the best waterproof laminating ideas that will make your house looks cleaner and tidier. You must choose your best flooring wisely because if you choose the wrong flooring that doesn’t suit your need, your household activities will be bothered. You don’t want that thing happens to you.

Also, don’t forget to pay attention to the price of the flooring. You may prefer the cheaper flooring. However, the cheaper flooring means worse quality. Having the waterproof laminate flooring renovation will be such a big matter because you must disassemble all the flooring and it needs more time and money.

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